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Mega-Mix / Knock-Out Mix
The Big Mouth Mega-Mix The Knock-Out duran duran
unofficial 12" single
Country USA Dbi flag usa
Catalogue no. TT 15, DD 15
Label ON-USound
Format 12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
Length 2 tracks
Released 1991
Genre House, Synth-pop, Dance
Producer various
record label
The Big Mouth Mega-Mix The Knock-Out duran duran 1
featuring Duran Duran

The Big Mouth Mega-Mix / The Knock-Out Mix is an unofficial 12" vinyl single featuring Duran Duran, released in the USA by ON-USound during 1991.

About the single[]

The single contains two seperate Duran Duran and Talk Talk mega mixes, two British bands who were part of the New Romantic movement in the early 1980s. The two acts also have the connection of Talk Talk member Mark Hollis supporting Duran Duran on various UK shows of The Careless Memories Tour in 1981.

The single was produced by a US-based bootleg label with at least fifteen 12" and four CD single releases. The label later changed its name to Euro-Mixx (the label is not to be confused with Adrian Sherwood's UK dub label, On-U Sound with a space between 'ON-U' and 'Sound').

Track listing[]

TT 15, DD 15[]

  1. "The Big Mouth Mega-Mix" - Talk TLK (11:55)
  2. "The Knock-Out Mix" - Duran DRN (12:32)