Terra Vibe, Athens, Greece
1 Recorded live at Terra Vibe, Athens, Greece, June 23rd, 2005. wikipedia duran duran
unofficial live album
Location Terra Vibe, Athens
Greece Greece-flag
Recorded 23 June 2005
Released Unknown
Label Unknown Label
Format 2xCD
Length 22 tracks
Genre Pop
Producer Duran Duran
reverse cover
1 Recorded live at Terra Vibe, Athens, Greece, June 23rd, 2005. wikipedia duran duran 1
Terra Vibe, Athens, Greece DURAN DURAN 2005
Terra Vibe park, Athens wikipedia duran duran black sabbath concert
Terra Vibe park, Athens wikipedia duran duran

Terra Vibe, Athens, Greece is an unofficial Duran Duran live album, recorded during The Astronaut Tour at Terra Vibe in Athens, Greece on 23 June 2005.

About the albumEdit

The album is a recording of Duran Duran's performance at Terra Vibe, a 40 acre (160,000 m2) park located in the historical region of Attica. This was the first of two shows performed by the band in Greece on the tour.

At around 9:30pm, Duran Duran took to the stage for their first ever tour show in Greece. The five original band members stood in front of the swelling crowd, as spotlights randomly lit each of them.

The band then began the show with an energetic performance of "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise". After several words spoken in Greek from Simon Le Bon, Duran Duran continued with their debut single "Planet Earth".

The audience rawed when Le Bon spoke again in Greek, just before the band launched into "What Happens Tomorrow".

​The end of the main set closed with a flurry of older hits, with several new songs from Astronaut including "Nice".

After a brief break, the band returned to an ovation, and rewarded their fans with lively renditions of "White Lines", "Girls on Film" and "Rio".

Tickets for the event cost around €45.00.

Duran Duran continued the tour two days later, playing the TW Classic Festival in Werchter Park, Belgium on 25 June 2005.

Track listingEdit

CD 1Edit

  1. "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise"
  2. "Planet Earth"
  3. "Union of the Snake"
  4. Simon speaks Greek
  5. "What Happens Tomorrow"
  6. "Come Undone"
  7. "Chains"
  8. "Hungry Like the Wolf"
  9. "A View to a Kill"
  10. "Tiger Tiger"
  11. "The Chauffeur"

CD 2Edit

  1. "The Reflex"
  2. "Ordinary World"
  3. "Save A Prayer"
  4. "Taste the Summer"
  5. "Notorious"
  6. "Nice"
  7. "Careless Memories"
  8. "The Wild Boys"
  9. "White Lines"
  10. "Girls on Film"
  11. "Rio"


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