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Tequila Sunrise
Tequila sunrise ver2
movie poster
Directed by Robert Towne
Produced by Thom Mount
Starring Mel Gibson
Michelle Pfeiffer
Kurt Russell
Music by Dave Grusin
Editing by Claire Simpson
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release 2 December 1988
Running time 115 minutes
featuring Duran Duran & Andy Taylor

Tequila Sunrise is a 1988 crime thriller movie written and directed by Oscar winner Robert Towne. It stars Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kurt Russel. The soundtrack features Duran Duran and Andy Taylor.

About the film[]

Mel Gibson plays Dale "Mac" McKussic , a former drug dealer trying to go straight. His close friend Nick Frescia (Kurt Russell) is now a cop, head of narcotics for L.A. County, who, in spite of their friendship, is duty-bound to bring Mac to justice if he is selling drugs again, as Agent Hal McGuire (J T Walsh) of the Drug Enforcement Agency believes to be the case.

Director Robert Town wanted Gibson's Character Dale Mckussic to perish in a fireball explosion at the film's end, saying "Gibson's character was supposed to be a moth in the flame. The real high for him was never doing the drugs, but the danger of dealing the drugs". However, Town did not have final cut privege and Warner Bros studio insisted that Gibson's character survives.

The movie was nominated for an Academey Award for Best Cinematography. Damon was nominated for the Best Young Actor Supporting Role in a Motion Picture Young Artist Award and cinematographer Conrad L Hall won an American Society of Cinematographers award for "Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Theatrical Releases".


  1. "Surrender To Me" - Ann Wilson and Robin Zander (4:08)
  2. "Do You Believe in Shame?" - Duran Duran (4:24)
  3. "Recurring Dream"- Crowed House (3:24)
  4. "Give A Little Bit" - Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers (4:02)
  5. "Don't Worry Baby" - The Everly Brothers and The Beach Boys (3:18)
  6. "Dead On The Money" - Andy Taylor (4:05)
  7. "Unsubstantiated" - The Church (3:32)
  8. "Beyond The Sea" - Bobby Darin (2:54)
  9. "Tequila Dreams" - Dave Grusin featuring Lee Ritenour (4:17)
  10. "Jo Ann's Song" - Dave Grusin featuring David Sanborn (4:11)

Soundtrack listings[]

  • LP Capitol 7911851 (USA & Europe) - Dec. 14, 1988
  • CASS Capitol C4-91185 (USA) - Dec. 14, 1988
  • CD Capitol 7911852 (USA & Europe) - Dec. 14, 1988