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Swingfood Mood: 2nd Edition
SWINGFOOD MOOD 2nd edition tape five duran duran
album by Tape Five
Released 7 November 2008
Recorded 2008
Genre Electronic, Jazz, Latin
Length 22 tracks
Label EMI / Media Spirit
Producer Martin Strathausen
reverse cover
SWINGFOOD MOOD 2nd edition tape five duran duran 1
cover song

Swingfood Mood: 2nd Edition is an album by Tape Five, released by EMI / Media Spirit on 7 November 2008. The album features a cover version of Duran Duran's "A View To A Kill".

About the album[]

The album is by a German, French and Russian project produced by Martin Strathausen, which features retro-modern lounge-latin and ambient jazz elements. Tape Five's influences include Glenn Miller, Frank Zappa, Quincy Jones and the stylish aspects in the James Bond movies.

Included are various remixes and a swing cover version of "Far Far Away", a song originally by British rock band Slade.

Track listing[]

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  1. "An Arrangement of Notes"
  2. "A View To A Kill"
  3. "Avenue du Gare"
  4. "On The Run" (Cotton Dub Mix)
  5. "Mr. White Suit!"
  6. "Summertime"
  7. "Don Pueblo's Bar 8 A.M."
  8. "Tango For A Spy!"
  9. "Suitcase No.3-4-7"
  10. "Swingfood Mood"
  11. "Quero Te A Sambar?"
  12. "Mosquito"
  13. "Cocktail d' Amour" (Sex On The Beach Mix)
  14. "Casablanca's Calling"
  15. "Who's Taking The Blame?"
  16. "Grand Central-Slow Motion"
  17. "...Completely Different..."
  18. "Dog-Walk Theme"
  19. "Tango For A Spy" (Jet-Lag Mix)
  20. "On The Run" (Slowdown Mix)
  21. "Avenue du Gare" (Martini Dub Mix)
  22. "Far Far Away" (Radio Version)


Tape Five are:

  • Yuliet Topaz - Vocals
  • Henrik Wager - Vocals
  • Iain Mackenzie - Vocals
  • Martin Strathausen - Guitar, keyboards, bass , percussion
  • Philipp P. Schug - Trombone
  • Bernd Oezsevim - Percussion
  • Florian Esch - Trumpets, flugelhorn
  • Dimitrij Markitantov - Saxophones, clarinet
  • Vadim Laktionov - Trumpet
  • Jörg Siebenhaar - Musette accordeon
  • Sasha Berezhny - Flutes