Sub Acid Sweet Songs album cover

Sub Acid Sweet Songs is a 1999 album by the band Three Alarm Fire. Melanie Friedman's powerful, soulful voice was featured on all of the songs, and she wrote or co-wrote all tracks (except for the cover of Lou Reed's "Pale Blue Eyes").

The album took its name from a fanciful name (for a variety of fruit) that the band saw on a sticker at the grocery store.

Track listingEdit

  1. Good Tonic (Friedman)
  2. Love Me or Leave Me (Friedman/McCarthy)
  3. Sweet Darling (Friedman)
  4. Over (Friedman/McCarthy)
  5. It Makes Me Hold Your Hand (Friedman)
  6. Go About Your Day (Friedman/McCarthy)
  7. God Help Me (Friedman/McCarthy/Dery)
  8. The Sound of Single Girls (Friedman)
  9. Pale Blue Eyes (Reed)
  10. Violent Heart (Friedman/McCarthy/Dery)
  11. Sub Acid Sweet Songs (Friedman)