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Room Service
episode information
Directed by Bryan Spicer
Broadcast date 8 September 2001
Written by Dan Merchant
Dale Kutzera
Joseph Anaya
Genre Horror
Producer Joseph Anaya
featuring John Taylor

Strange Frequency: Room Service is episode 4 from season 1 of the American TV series Strange Frequecy, hosted by Roger Daltry and first aired on 8 September 2001. The episode features John Taylor.

About the episode[]

The episode is from the horror/drama series that aired on VH-1. The series was similar to The Twilight Zone, with the main difference being that all of the stories were in some way related to music. Additionally, each episode was named after a song and hosted by Roger Daltry from The Who.

The plot involves Jimmy Blitz played by John Taylor, a veteran rocker who likes nothing better than trashing hotel rooms. However his bad boy reputation is soon put to the test by Marge, the hotel cleaning lady and her ability to tidy up with a battle of wits ensuing.


  • Ben Bass - Tom West
  • Scott McNeil - Robbie Lane
  • Gerald Plunket - Miles Davenport
  • Holland Taylor - Marge Crowley
  • John Taylor - Jimmy Blitz