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Soul Destruction
Soul destruction the almighty
album by The Almighty
Released March 1991
Recorded 1990-91
Genre Rock
Length 12 tracks + 2 bonus
Label Polydor
Producer Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor related

Soul Destruction is the second studio album by British band The Almighty, released by Polydor in March 1991. The album features Andy Taylor.

About the album[]

This is an album by heavy rock band The Almighty, who formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 1988. Recording began at Trident II Studios in December 1990. Three months later the album was release in March 1991, along with the lead single "Free 'n' Easy".

Andy Taylor produced and mixed the album. He also performed acoustic guitar on "Bandaged Knees".

Track listing[]


  1. "Crucify"
  2. "Free 'n' Easy"
  3. "Joy Bang One Time"
  4. "Love Religion"
  5. "Bandaged Knees"
  6. "Praying To The Red Light"
  7. "Sin Against The Light"
  8. "Little Lost Sometimes"
  9. "Devil's Toy"
  10. "What More Do You Want"
  11. "Hell To Pay"
  12. "Loaded"

Bonus tracks:

  1. "Bodies"
  2. "Hell To Pay "(Acoustic)


The Almighty are:

  • Ricky Warwick - Vocals
  • Tantrum - Guitar
  • Floyd London - Bass
  • Stump Munroe - Drums
  • James Taylor - Piano on 2 tracks


  • Andy Taylor - Producer, acoustic guitar on "Bandaged Knees"
  • Produced at Trident II Studios, London SW1 Dec 1990/Jan 1991
  • Pre-production at the Wonderful Sawmills Studios