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Songs & Scores
Songs and scores
compilation album
Country Japan Japan flag
Catalogue no. SYN 1013
Label SYN Productions
Format 2-CD
Length 22 tracks
Released 2007
Genre Pop, Rock
Producer Nick Wood
featuring Simon Le Bon

Songs & Scores is a promotional-only compilation album featuring Simon Le Bon, released in Japan by SYN Productions during 2007.

About the album[]

Comprising of two discs, the album is a collection of tracks produced by Nick Wood. CD 1 contains 20 songs by various artists. CD 2 features movie scores by Nick Wood.

Released in a foiled DVD case, Songs & Scores includes "Beat of My Heart", a song written by Simon Le Bon, Nick Souter and Nick Wood. There are also songs performed by Le Bon, which are "Nobody Knows", "Magic Bus" and "Save A Prayer" (with Silvio Anastacio).

Many of the tracks are also available on the SYN Songs Sampler album.

Track listing[]

SYN 1013[]

CD 1 - Songs[]

  1. "Beat Of My Heart"
  2. "Free"
  3. "Passion" (The Game Of Life)
  4. "Nobody Knows"
  5. "Say You Will"
  6. "Children of The World"
  7. "Lovely World"
  8. "One Note Samba/Más Que Nada"
  9. "Do You Love"
  10. "Cupid's A Hitman"
  11. "My Island" (Skye)
  12. "Sound Virus"
  13. "You Make My Day"
  14. "Drive My Car"
  15. "Save A Prayer"
  16. "Magic Bus"
  17. "Diamons Are Forever"
  18. "Quizás Quizás Quizás"
  19. "Winter Sun"

CD 2 - Scores[]

  1. "Dream Island" (with Wim Wenders)
  2. "13 Steps" (Opening Titles)
  3. "Coo" (Opening Titles)
  4. "13 Steps" (Epilogue)
  5. "Chinese Drums Action"
  6. "Life Goes On"
  7. "Bitter Sweet Revenge"
  8. "Free" (Edit)
  9. "Passion" (Edit)
  10. "Also Sprach Zarathustra"
  11. "Newson's Theme" (021C)
  12. "The Dialogue" (End Theme)
  13. "Graceful"
  14. "This Road Is Mine"
  15. "Kamen Rider"
  16. "Brand Fever"
  17. "Confined To Ice"
  18. "Aqua"
  19. "Head Space"
  20. "Bounce"
  21. "Red"
  22. "Tokyo Muscle"