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Someone Else Not Me
Duran-Duran-Someone-Else-Not me dd
promo single by Duran Duran
Released 2000
Recorded 1999
Genre Pop
Length 2 tracks
Label Sum Records
Producer(s) TV Mania
SYN Productions
reverve cover
DURAN DURAN Someone Else Not Me a
Version Español

Someone Else Not Me (Mexican Promo) is a Duran Duran 2-track promotional only single, released in Mexico by Sum Records during 2000.

About the single[]

The CD was released in a custom Pop Trash picture card wallet, with art direction by Duran Duran and Andrew Day. The single was never available for sale and includes the Spanish version of "Someone Else Not Me" with lyrics written by Simon Le Bon, which is also known as "Alguien Más Que No Soy Yo".

Track listing[]


  1. "Someone Else Not Me" - Version Ingles (3:36)
  2. "Someone Else Not Me" - Version Español (4:14)


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