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Sing Blue Silver
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video by Duran Duran
Released 1984
5 April 2004 (DVD)
Recorded 1984
Format Beta video, DVD, LaserDisc, VHD disc, VHS video
Genre Documentary
Length 85 minutes
Label EMI, PMI
Concert Director Russell Mulcahy
Film Director Michael Collins
Duran Duran

Sing Blue Silver is a film video documentary about Duran Duran's 1984 US leg of The Sing Blue Silver Tour, released by EMI-PMI in 1984.

About the video[]

The video was originally aired on MTV (and later other music channels) under the title Blue Silver.

Sing Blue Silver was released on videotape (in VHS and Betamax formats) and on LaserDisc and VHD disc, near the end of 1984. It was re-issued on DVD in April of 2004.

A 1984 book called Sing Blue Silver: Photographed Around The World 1984 accompanied this video, featuring still photography by official tour photographer Denis O'Regan.

"18,000 miles, 51 shows, 79 days, over 500,000 fans..."[]

Filmed at the height of their fame, Sing Blue Silver follows Duran Duran around Canada and the United States for three months from 30 January - 17 April 1984 as they toured in support of their Seven and the Ragged Tiger album.

Primarily, Sing Blue Silver is about the job of making music, so live musical performances feature quite heavily throughout the video.

The documentary features many other standout moments, including a Francesco Scavullo photo shoot in New York, meeting the L.A. Raiders backstage, and a Beatlesque press conference tinged with a bit of comedy. It also captures the band in more candid moments, from backstage antics to trying to stay entertained on the journey between cities.

All the while, the documentary doesn't attempt to gloss over the problems and pitfalls of trying to put on such a large scale show. Professional to the last, tour manager Spy Matthews manages to keep the show running even when the venue won't accommodate the band's stage setup.

The film also documented the band's teen idol status, showing hordes of hysterical young — mainly female — fans attempting to cope with seeing their heroes in a live arena.

Live footage from this tour was later used for the Arena (An Absurd Notion) long-form video and the As The Lights Go Down concert video. The video for "The Reflex" was shot during the tour in Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens in March 1984.

Track listing[]

  1. Intro
  2. Press Conference
  3. Load In: Backstage
  4. "Is There Something I Should Know?"
  5. Meeting The L.A. Raiders
  6. On The Road Again: "Planet Earth"
  7. John On Touring
  8. Simon & Nick: On Image & Recording
  9. In New York
  10. Francesco Scavullo: Photo Shoot
  11. Back On The Road
  12. "Girls on Film"
  13. Coca Cola Press Conference
  14. Visit To F.B.I.
  15. Discussing Filming: "The Seventh Stranger"
  16. In New Orleans
  17. "Save A Prayer"
  18. Oakland, California
  19. Soundcheck: Backstage
  20. "Hungry Like the Wolf"
  21. "Careless Memories"
  22. The End of the Tour
  23. Credits


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