Silvio Anastacio
Background information
Born Brazil
Occupation Musician, singer, composer
Genre Brazilian Rhythm
Associated acts Lisa Ono
Simon Le Bon

Silvio Lucio Anastacio (born Itabira, Brazil) is a Brazilian singer and musician, who has recorded with Simon Le Bon.

Biography Edit

Silvio was born in Itabira, on the mountanious region of Brazil called Minas Gerais. During his career he has played at concerts, music contests, live houses and clubs. Through this experience he has been influenced by various genres of music, eventually developing his own style of music based on Brazilian rhythm.

Silvio has appeared on many albums including a duet with Lisa Ono on her album Hula Bossa Nova also working on lyrical arrangements for her album Naima Meu Anjo. He sang on Minaswing's Beautiful Horizon and Mineral, also appearing on DJ Shimoyama's lle Ale mini-album. Silvio has contributed to Lisa Ono tribute compilation Amigo Cantam Lisa, and on Hiroko Miyauchi's Actus Lalaport. He arranged and provided Brazilian lyrics on a duet with Simon Le Bon on a cover of the Duran Duran song "Save A Prayer" which was featured on the Starbucks compilation album From The Heart, produced by Nick Wood. He has also appeared on DJ Ray Velasquez's record Samba Sunset, plus Winter House and The Look of Love compilation albums for Starbucks. Salvio also wrote the Brazilan lyrics for and sang on Nick Wood's track "Passion", which was a huge hit after featured on a commercial for Kirin Breweries at the time of the 2002 World Cup, which was later released as a single and album. He has appeared on numerous television programs in Brazil and Japan.

His present work is his first solo album Silver.