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Background information
Directed by Emily Weissman
Starring John Taylor
Jacob Vargas
Linda Cevallos
Written by Joe Kelly
Emily Weissman
Clark Westerman
Produced by Stephan Schindler
Genre Action
Length 89 minutes
Editor Steve Rodgers
Production design Jennifer Alicia Jones
starring John Taylor

She-Bat is a 2001 action film directed by Emily Weissman, which stars John Taylor, Jacob Vargas and Linda Cevallos.

About the film Edit

The film is based on the comic book Murielaga She-Bat created by Dærick Gröss.

The story tells of a Latin-American heroine forced by circumstances to evolve from a mouse into a bat. She-Bat is a strong female character who has been medically evolved to punish those who have taken her family from her.

The movie is in Spanish and has a running time of 89 minutes.

Cast Edit

  • John Taylor - Patrick
  • Jacob Vargas - Zer
  • Linda Cevallos - Ericka/She-Bat
  • Benny Ibarra de Llano - Hawk
  • Sofia Demarco - Serena
  • Eddie Armendia - James
  • Sydney Dever - Child
  • Delano Willis - Man-In-Black