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Seven: 16 January 2011
Seven magazine sunday telegraph
Published 16 January 2011
Genre TV, Film, Music, Books, Comedy, Theatre
Length 64-pages
Producer The Sunday Telegraph
featuring Duran Duran

Seven is a weekly magazine published by The Sunday Telegraph, which featured an interview with Duran Duran on 16 January 2011.

About the magazine[]

Published every Sunday in the UK, the magazine is a full-colour guide to TV and radio listings. Seven is accessible to the casual reader, while also offering engaging reads on subjects ranging from theatre, books, dance, film, comedy, music, technology and puzzles.

The 16 January 2011 edition featured Duran Duran on the front cover and an interview that included detailing events spanning 30 years. The interview revealed that Simon Le Bon actually met Mark Ronson when he was a youth. A 10-year-old in fact. The singer was wandering around Soho in New York and Ronson’s mother approached him, introducing herself, her new husband, Mick Jones of rock band Foreigner, and her hyperactively excited young son, Mark. "He’s a bit of a fan," she whispered to Le Bon, "can he have an autograph?".

Twenty years later, the young fan found himself sharing the bill at the Experience Paris show with Duran Duran. Soon, talk of recording ‘one or two songs’ together became a fully fledged collaboration.

The interviewed covered Red Carpet Massacre, an album the band said went too far. "Timbaland was more about grooves," reflected Roger Taylor. "We’ve never been afraid of going with something new," added Nick Rhodes, "But these dance producers work at such a manic pace – let’s get the track this afternoon, the lyric by the evening, the vocals recorded by 4am, done."

Rhodes remembered their first UK tour (The Megahype Tour), supporting post-punk star Hazel O'Connor. "We started getting encores – as the support act. Then the screaming started. It was so loud that literally, for the first tour in America, we could hardly hear what we were playing on stage." In fact, he noted that Duran Duran are in the Guinness Book of World Records in Australia, ‘for the loudest pre-show concert noise’.