Scent Organs
Background information
Origin Birmingham, UK
Genre New Wave, Punk
Years active 1978-79
Known members Roger Taylor
Jeff Thomas
Associated acts Duran Duran

Scent Organs was British New Wave/Punk band, which included members Roger Taylor and Jeff Thomas.


In 1977 Roger Taylor left the punk band Crucified Toad and formed the Scent Organs (frequently referred to as Sex Organs) with Jeff Thomas, after being inspired by the punk bands that played at the Barbarella's nightclub in Birmingham. The band took turns rehearsing at their members' houses, until Roger's mother arranged for them to practice at the local church hall. The vicar of the church later asked them to leave for annoying the neighbors.

In 1978 the band became regional finalists in the Melody Maker young band of the year, but the following year played a disastrous set at a street concert in Taylor's own neighbourhood. Other shows include a 1979 performance at Barbarella's, watched by John Taylor and Andy Wickett. The band split in 1979, with both Roger Taylor and Thomas joining Duran Duran.

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