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SYN: DVD Showreel 2005 / Free
SYN DVD SHOWREEL 2005 duran duran
DVD / CD compilation
Country Japan Japan flag
Catalogue no. TTDVD-0415 / TTCD-1755
Label SYN Entertaiment
Format DVD, CD
Length 2-disc
Released 2005
Genre Pop, commercials, images
Producer Nick Wood
reverse cover
SYN DVD SHOWREEL 2005 duran duran 1
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SYN: DVD Showreel 2005 / Free is a promotional-only DVD/CD 2-disc set featuring Simon Le Bon, released in Japan by SYN Entertainment during 2005.

About the set[]

The set features the work of Simon Le Bon's co-owned SYN, producers of music, sound design, commercials and creators of events for over two decades.

The compilation includes a trailer made for Australian Marc Newson, who designed the SYN Studio building which opened in 1996.

"Movie Star" by Zwei is a track from the 2003 Pretty Queen album, co-written by Simon Le Bon.

There are also images from the 25th Anniversary Party, held in 2003 to celebrate French glass designer Alain Mikli opening his design studio in Paris. The party included guests Le Bon and Robert Palmer.

Track listing[]

TTDVD-0415 / TTCD-1755[]


  1. Commercial Music + Multimedia Production
  2. Marc Newson Trailer
  3. Events (includes images of the Meli Melo Night / Alain Mikli 25th Anniversary Party with Simon Le Bon and Robert Palmer)
  4. "Movie Star" - Zwei


  1. "Free"