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SLF Music Magazine: March 2011
Duran dUran
Published March 2011
Genre Music
Size 36-pages (8.25" × 10.75")
Managing Editor Matt Pashalian
Copy Editor Jeff Noller
Contributors Jeff Noller
Alex Markow
Todd McFliker
Mikayla Davis
Norrel Blair
Tony Landa
Jaymes O' Brien
Publisher Sean McCloskey
featuring Duran Duran

SLF Music Magazine: March 2011 (issue 14) is an American 36-page South Florida music magazine, which includes a Duran Duran article that features an interview with John Taylor.

About the magazine[]

Published each month as a saddle-stitched magazine and as an online version, SLF Music Magazine also features Underoath, Daybreak Embrace, Social Distortion, Jimmy Eat World, Flogging Molly in the March 2011 edition.

Written by Jeff Noller, the Duran Duran article features band photography by Roger Dekker. The story begins in the early 1980s when the band broke out with their self-titled debut album, that included "Girls on Film" and "Planet Earth". Jeff writes that Duran Duran were one of the first groups to truly take advantage of the music video medium on MTV in the early 80s. The media affectionately referred to them as the 'fab five', which was a reference to the 'fab four' phrase connected with the Beatles in the 1960s.

Since that time Duran Duran have continued to have success such as the 1993 Wedding Album, which contained "Come Undone" and "Ordinary World".

The article moves onto 2007 when they entered a creative renaissance with Red Carpet Massacre and then continued the momentum with All You Need Is Now, which debuted at no.1 in 15 countries around the world upon its digital release in December 2010.

About the band playing the upcoming Ultra Music Festival in Florida on 26 March, John Taylor said "we're very excited to be playing the festival as its a well established festival with a particular kind of music, mainly electronic and techno. I think we've always had an affinity with dance music."

All You Need Is Now was mentioned and Taylor said "yes we have been making music for 30 years, but we've had some pretty low times in there as well. We've been very fortunate to have Mark Ronson want to do an album with us."

Taylor commented about the how music changes every 10 years and songs like "Brown Sugar" from the 1970s couldn't be written today. Adding, David Bowie always keeps changing from album to album and that Duran Duran do too - Rio - Notorious - Medazzaland they are all very different records.