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Roger Dekker is a photographer whose work has included photographing Duran Duran.


Roger's portfolio is very diverse, featuring photographs from landscape to fashion which are radical in style. The majority of his fashion photography is in black & white or low colour saturation, helping to portray emotional strength. His photo editing is fun and creative, which he uses to depict more of a classic 70s style to his images.

His work has featured in magazines throughout the world, such as September's 2009 issue of Pop that included photos of Naomi Campbell shot entirely in black & white. Other magazines include Self Service, Muse, British Vogue, 10 Men, Spin and Harpers Bazaar.

In November 2010 Roger worked with Duran Duran on a photo session for their 13th studio album All You Need Is Now, which included the band modelling shirts made especially for them by Katharine Hamnett.

A selection of Roger Dekker's work[]