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promo documentary video
Country USA Dbi flag usa.gif
Catalogue no. 32848 - D233863
Label Capitol Records
Format VHS video (NTSC)
Length 29 minutes
Released 1993
Genre Documentary
Writer Allie Eberthardt
Producer Allie Eberthardt
Director Allie Eberthardt
label & YouTube
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Duran Duran

Rockumentary is a promotional-only Duran Duran documentary video (VHS NTSC), directed by Allie Eberthardt and released in the USA by Capitol Records during 1993.

About the video[]

This is a non Dolby stereo viewing video, which was never commercially released for purchase. Rockumentary was issued to the media with a custom sticker, dated 7/01/93 and housed in a die-cut card slip case.

The contents includes clips of music videos including the Julien Temple directed "Come Undone", plus Warren Cuccurullo comparing Duran Duran to The Rolling Stones (see YouTube video below).

The documentary was later released as part of Extraordinary World in 1994.

Track listing[]

32848 - D233863[]

  1. Introductions 1978
  2. Making Videos
  3. Duran Crazy Success And Pressure
  4. Old And New Faces 1987
  5. Here And Now 1993


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