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Background information
Year founded 1987
Founded by Luana and Ilenia Salvatore
Genre Fanzine, website
Years active 1987-present
Subject Duran Duran

RioCarnival is an Italian Duran Duran fanzine, founded in Foggia, Italy by Luana and Ilenia Salvatore in 1987.

About the fanzine[]

The fanzine is dedicated entirely to Duran Duran and is one of the very few surviving music fanzines in the world. It can also claim to be one of the first Duran Duran websites in Italy, set up in 1997 and nowdays is a fan club for the fans worldwide. The fanzine is sanctioned by the Italian current affairs magazine Panorama as an official fanzine, appreciated by the Rolling Stone magazine, RioCarnival is also approved by Duran Duran and their management.

To celebrate it's 20th birthday RioCarnival was introduced into the inventory of some Italian libraries. The music fanzine has become sought after in antique markets and even a subject of university studies. In 2000, Luana Salvatore was put in charge by Edel Italia of distributing free tickets to RioCarnival readers for Duran Duran's MTV Sonic show at the Rolling Stones in Milan.

The Italian book Duran Duran 1981-2006: Glam Pop Party published in 2006 was co-wriiten by Christian D'Antonio, who first started out as a writer for RioCarnival.