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Rio: ErekMcQueen Mixes
Duran Duran - Rio 2K10 (ErekMcQueen Mixes)
download by ErekMcQueen
Released 2010
Recorded various
Genre Disco House, Powerpop
Length 2 tracks
Label download
Producer ErekMcQueen
Rio 2K10 'Dancing On Da Sand' Radio Mix
Duran Duran

Rio: ErekMcQueen Mixes is a unofficial Duran Duran 2-track download single, released in 2010.

About the single[]

The download features two remixes of Duran Duran's seventh single "Rio", a track originally released on November 1, 1982. The remixes were created by ErekMcQueen, a Disco House, Electro, Powerpop producer based in Quebec, Canada.

The front cover photography is by Brian Aris.

Track listing[]

  1. "Rio 2K10" (ErekMcQueen 'Dancing On Da Sand' Club Mix)
  2. "Rio 2K10" (ErekMcQueen 'Dancing On Da Sand' Radio Mix)


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