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Retreat Into Art
John Taylor Retreat Into Art
album by John Taylor
Released 2001
Recorded 2001
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 22 tracks
Label Trust The Process
Producer(s) John Taylor
Hein Hoven
Dan Chase
Doug Grean
Matthew Hager
John Taylor

Retreat Into Art is an album by John Taylor, released by Trust The Process in 2001.

About the album[]

John Taylor wrote all the songs on the album on his own, with the exceptions of "Immortal" (Taylor, Hager) and "6000 Miles" (Taylor, Hager, Banks).

The album includes an extended version of "6000 Miles", a song which Taylor described as one of the best he'd written when commenting about Techno For Two. Retreat Into Art was sold through John Taylor's own website, Trust The Process.

Track listing[]

  1. "Retreat Into Art"
  2. "Feelings Are Good"
  3. "Don't Talk Much"
  4. "Winners And Losers" (Demo)
  5. "Air Miles" (Original)
  6. "Lucy Lucy"
  7. "To Do You" / "You I Belong To" (Demo)
  8. "Johnny Full of Fear"
  9. "Fields of Eden"
  10. "Julie Geisha (My Beautiful Lover)"
  11. "Lonely Child"
  12. "Hey Day"
  13. "The Other Side of the Sun"
  14. "Such A Good Lover"
  15. "Immortal"
  16. "Studio City (Misery Loves Company)"
  17. "This Is The Moment"

Extended versions:

  1. "Immortal"
  2. "This Is The Moment"
  3. "Such A Good Lover"
  4. "King Porn (Dr Jan 'Guru' Mix)
  5. "6000 Miles"


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