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Reading Record
All you need is now Duran Duran Reading-Record
magazine and flexi disc
Country Japan Japan flag
Catalogue no. SK-410
Label Ongaku Shenka
Format Magazine and flexi disc
Length 70 pages + 7" flexi disc
Released 1987
Genre Pop
Producer Ongaku Shenka
Duran Duran

Reading Record is a 70-page magazine and 7" flexi disc featuring Duran Duran, released in Japan by Ongaku Shenka during 1987.

About the magazine and flexi disc[]

Duran Duran recorded the flexi disc while they were in Osaka, Japan on 24 March 1987. This was during The Strange Behaviour Tour.

The recording features Simon Le Bon reciting lyrics to "Skin Trade" and Nick Rhodes reciting "Winter Marches On". John Taylor is also featured, reciting lyrics and talking about other songs on the Notorious album.

The flixi disc was sold with a glossy 70-page softback book, which features a pull-out poster of the band and tour information.

Track listing[]


  1. Simon Le Bon recites lyrics to "Skin Trade"
  2. Nick Rhodes recites lyrics to "Winter Marches On"
  3. John Taylor talking about "A Matter Of Feeling"
  4. John Taylor talking about "So Misled"
  5. John Taylor talking about "Meet El Presidente"


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