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Training Day - James M.
Queer eye for a straight guy duran duran.png
episode information
Directed by Becky Smith
Starring Ted Allen

Kyan Douglas
Jai Rodriguez
Thom Filicia
Carson Kressley

Executive Producer David Collins
Original music by Sebastian Arocha-Morton
Film editing by Mustafa Bhagat
Broadcast date 23 March 2004
featuring music by Duran Duran

Training Day - James M. is episode 22 from season 1 of the TV series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, first aired in the USA on 23 March 2004. The episode includes "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise" by Duran Duran.

About the episode[]

The episode is from the TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, an American reality television series that premiered on the Bravo cable television network in July 2003. The show is premised on and plays with the stereotypes that gay men are superior in matters of fashion, style, personal grooming, interior design and culture. In each episode, the team of five gay men known collectively as the "Fab Five" perform a makeover on a person, usually a straight man, revamping his wardrobe, redecorating his home and offering advice on grooming, lifestyle and food.

Training Day - James M. features James' mother helping with the decorating by sending items from Korea. Carson takes James to get new furniture, Ted teaches how to decorate lemon tarts, Kyan gets him lessons on a Thai message, and Jai takes James' dog to obedience school.

The episode features "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise" by Duran Duran, seven months before it was released on the Astronaut album and as a single. The song was also included on the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy soundtrack, released on 10 February 2004.


  • Kyan Douglas - Grooming Guru
  • Ted Allen - Food & Wine Connoisseur
  • Carson Kressley - Fashion Savant
  • Jai Rodriguez - Culture Vulture
  • Thom Filicia - Design Doctor
  • James Massey - Straight Guy