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Psych: Let's Get Hairy
Psych title card edited
episode information
Directed by Andrew Bernstein
Written by Steve Franks
James Roday
Todd Harthan
Starring James Roday
Dule Hill
Timothy Omundson
Broadcast date 9 October 2009
Producer Gordon Mark
Editing by David Crabtree
featuring music by Duran Duran

Psych: Lets Get Hairy is episode 8 from season 4 of the TV series Psych, directed by Andrew Bernstein and first aired on 9 October 2009 in the USA. The episode includes "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran.

About the episode[]

The episode is from the American criminal comedy-drama TV series created by Steve Franks, which stars James Roday as Shawn Spencer. The character of Shawn Spencer is a young crime consultant for the Santa Barbara Police Department whose heightened observational skills and impressive detective instincts allow him to convince people that he solves cases with psychic abilities.

The plot of the episode involves the detective investigating a new client (Josh Malina) who believes himself to be a lycan. He and his sister are on the fringe of the occult/new age lifestyle and beliefs, therefore his initial visit to SBPD and Detective Lassiter was not taken seriously. Shawn and Gus' investigation leads to the office of a suspect therapist (David Naughton) and his sharp-witted, feisty, and protective receptionist.


  • James Roday - Shawn Spencer
  • Dule Hill - Burton 'Gus' Guster
  • Timothy Omundson - Carlton Lassiter
  • Maggie Lawson - Juliet O'Hara
  • Kirsten Nelson - Karen Vick (credit only)
  • Corbin Bernsen - Henry Spencer
  • Joshua F. Wilson - Butch Zielinski (as Tom Wilson)
  • Larisa Oleynik - Willow Gimbley
  • Jessalyn Wanlim - Polexia Li
  • Liam James - Young Shawn
  • David Naughton - Dr. Ken Tucker
  • Deanna Dunagan - Myrtle
  • Carlos McCullers II
  • Derek Lowe - Manager