Private Player In Concert
Private player in concert
DVD by James Angell
Released 2004
Recorded 14 March 2003
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 9 tracks
Label Mandible Productions
Producer James Angell
featuring John Taylor

Private Player In Concert is a live DVD by James Angell, released by Mandible Productions in 2004. The DVD features John Taylor.

About the DVDEdit

The DVD features nine live tracks performed by Portland, Oregon based singer-songwriter-pianist James Angell, recorded at The Aladdin Theatre, in Portland, Oregon, USA on 14 March 2003.

The band line-up comprised of guitarists Daniel Riddle and Sean Tichenor both from King Black Acid, with Kevin Cozad on keyboards, Tony Lash on drums and John Taylor on bass. Taylor had heard Angell’s album Private Player a few months earlier through a mutual friend and upon meeting Angell at a club in New York City, he offered to lend his hand in presenting the songs live. Angell, a longtime Duran Duran fan, was said to be ecstatic with the idea.

The concert opened with "Hiding In Plain Sight" and "Hows Wakin' Me Up" which have comparisons to John Lennon and Billy Joel. The show also included "Ooh Love" and "Treat Song" that bring in keyboards with a more classic prog rock sound, with "Treat Song" featuring soaring space guitar sounds from Riddle.

The DVD also includes interviews with James Angell, John Taylor, and Daniel Riddle.

Track listingsEdit


  1. "Hiding In Plain Sight"
  2. "Who's Wakin' Me Up?"
  3. "Ed Blue Bottle"
  4. "Ice Cream And Pez"
  5. "Ohh Love"
  6. "Treat Song"
  7. "Call Off The War"
  8. "Picture Perfect"
  9. "Dear Dying Friend"


  • James Angell - Vocals, keyboards
  • Daniel Riddle - Guitar
  • Sean Tichenor - Guitar
  • John Taylor - Bass
  • Keven Cozad - Keyboards
  • Tony Lash - Drums