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Playing For Keeps
Arcadia 5 edited
Director Bob & Harvey Weinstein
Written by Bob & Harvey Weinstein
Studio Miramax
Music by George Acogny, Daniel Bechel
Released 3 October 1986
Distributed by Universal Pictures
soundtrack album cover
Playing for keeps arcadia
Playing for keeps
Say The Word

Playing for Keeps is a 1986 comedy film released on 3 October 1986, which is directed and written by brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

The movie soundtrack features music "Say The Word" by the band Arcadia, as well as tracks by Sister Sledge, Phil Collins, Julian Lennon, and Pete Townsend.

About the film[]

The film stars Daniel Jordano, Matthew Penn and Leon W.Grant as a trio of inner-city teenagers attempting to strike it rich by turning a hotel into a rock'n'roll resort. A then little-known Marisa Tomei has a supporting role.

The film was produced by Miraramax and released by Universal Pictures. To date the film is the only Miramax production (excluding co-productions) that Miramax doesn't own, because Universal maintains rights to the film.

Universal released the film as a Region 1 DVD on August 23rd, 2003.

Soundtrack Album[]

Atlantic 81678[]

  1. "Life To Life" - Pete Townshend
  2. "It's Not Over" - Chris Thompson (written by John Van Tongeren, Robbie Nevil, Phil Galdston)
  3. "Distant Drums" - Peter Frampton (written by Peter Frampton, Jed Lieber, Steve Broughton Lunt)
  4. "It's Gettin' Hot" - Eugene Wilde (written by George Acogny, Daniel Bechet, Alan Brewer)
  5. "Best Kept Secret" - China Crisis
  6. "We Love You" - Orchestra Manoeuvres In The Dark
  7. "Think We're Gonna Make It" - Hinton Battle (written by Alan Brewer, Rick Wakeman)
  8. "Don't Look Back" - Phil Collins
  9. "Celebrate" - Loose Ends (written by Jane Sendall, Steve Nichol, Carl McIntosh)
  10. "Here To Say" - Sister Sledge (written by George Acogny, Daniel Bechet, Julian Littman)
  11. "Say The Word" - Arcadia (written by Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes)
  12. "Make A Wish" - Joe Cruz (written by Alan Brewer)
  13. "Stand By Me" - Julian Lennon (written by Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller)
  14. "Muscles" - Diana Ross (written by Michael Jackson)
  15. "I'm So Excited" - The Pointer Sisters (written by Anita Pointer, June Pointer, Ruth Pointer, Trevor Lawrence)
  16. "These Dreams Of You" - Anna Pepper
  17. "Majestic Rag" - Alan Brewer
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