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Peavey Liberator J-84
Liberator JT-84 Bass guitar john taylor duran duran 3
bass guitar co-designed by John Taylor
Released 2006
Designed 2006
Genre Musical instrument
Type 4-string bass guitar
Manufacture Peavey Guitars

John Taylor

Patty Palazzo

Ted McCann

certificate hand signed by John Taylor
Liberator JT-84 Bass guitar john taylor duran duran 4
Liberator JT-84 Bass guitar john taylor duran duran 5
Duran Duran Liberator J-84 Bass Guitar
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Peavey Liberator J-84 is a limited edition 2006 bass guitar manufactured by Peavey, which was co-designed by John Taylor for Juicy Couture.

About the bass guitar[]

"Noting Taylor's loyalty to the same Peavey bass guitar onstage with Duran Duran for several years, in early 2006 Peavey Guitars asked Taylor to create a signature 4-string bass guitar. With his design partner Patty Palazzo, and the company, Core One Creative, with the project for "Plug-n-Play accessories headed by designer Ted McCann Taylor created the limited edition 'Peavey Liberator J-84'.

The musical instrument is a professional, black-necked 21-fret guitar with a 34" scale featuring custom artwork, two humbucking pickups and two volume/tone controls with black hardware. The bass guitar was issued in a green, custom-distressed, hard canvas case with pink faux fur linning with a World War 2 style canvas belt strap and relic oxide brass medallions. Also included was a custom amp/tuner, guitar case hanger, bullet coil cable and two plectrums, all created by Core One Creative. The guitar was a limited edition of 100, which was presented with a certificate of authenticity hand signed by John Taylor and numbered.

Comments from John Taylor:[]

"I've been using Peavey basses on stage with Duran Duran for several years, and I love their products," said Taylor. "When we first talked about doing a signature model, I thought, 'Let's do it, but let's do it differently".

"I'm a plug-and-play guy but I love fashion, so I knew that the energy for my signature model was going to go into the attitude and aesthetic presentation of the guitar. We chose woods and metals that best expressed my ideal instrument. I felt that the engineering Peavey would come up with was going to be good; that's one of the reasons why I love Peavey, because they're so beautifully consistent in taking me where I want to go. It was more a question of creating something that had a certain visual appeal".[1]

Taylor went on to design a six-string guitar, the 'Peavey Liberator A435', which was named after the highway that led from his childhood home into the city of Birmingham, UK.


  • 34" scale
  • 21 frets
  • Gloss black neck and fretboard
  • Two humbucking pickups
  • Two volume controls
  • Tone control
  • Black hardware