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Patrick O'Hearn (b. September 6, 1954) is a multi-instrumentalist musician and composer.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Patrick O'Hearn began playing music at age 15. While on tour in Los Angeles in 1976 he met Frank Zappa, and ended up playing bass with Zappa for the next two and a half years and beginning to explore synthesizers.

In 1981, drummer and former Zappa band mate Terry Bozzio invited O’Hearn to join his band, Missing Persons. That band dissolved in early 1986, and O'Hearn teamed with former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor and former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones for Taylor's 1986 solo album Thunder, and the subsequent tour. He has continued to work with both Andy Taylor and Warren Cuccurullo in various projects over the years.

O'Hearn went on to record several solo albums and produce other artists. His work encompasses New Age, techno, and film music. His album Trust earned a Grammy nomination.

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