One Fierce Beer Run
One Fierce Beer Run bloodhound gang duran duran
DVD by the Bloodhound Gang
Released 12 August 2003
Recorded 1996-97
Genre Rock, Documentary
Length 118 min
Label Universal Island
Producer Universal Island
featuring John Taylor

One Fierce Beer Run is a tour related DVD by the Bloodhound Gang, released by Universal Island on 12 August 2003. The DVD features commentary by John Taylor.

About the DVDEdit

The DVD was filmed throughout the Bloodhound Gang's 1996-97 tour of the USA and Europe. This includes footage of the band on stage, with behind-the-scenes exploits in countries such as Austria, Belgium and France.

The contents also features John Taylor in the music video of "Your Only Friends Are Make Believe", a song that contains references to "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran.

Track listingEdit


  1. That’s Especially Dirty (documentary)
  2. "Kiss Me Where it Smells Funny" (video)
  3. Bulls Eye (documentary)
  4. "I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chick"s (video)
  5. Stop Touching My Penis (documentary)
  6. Why’s Everybody Always Picking On Me? (video)
  7. Punch Me (documentary)
  8. "Your Only Friends Are Make Believe" (video)
  9. I Did Not Throw Up (documentary)
  10. "Fire Water Burn" (video)
  11. Take His Pants Off (documentary)
  12. Either You Suck Or You Do Not Suck (documentary)
  13. Either You Suck Or You Do Not Suck Outtakes (documentary)


Bloodhound Gang are:

  • Jimmy Pop - lead vocals
  • Lüpüs Thünder - backing vocals, guitar
  • Spanky G - drums
  • Evil Jared - bass
  • DJ Q-Ball - backing vocals, turntables, samples, keys, programming


  • Johann Benét
  • Peter Iasillo Jr.
  • Kenny Powerass