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Ode To Richard Prince
John Taylor Autodidact
lyrical verse by John Taylor
Released 1997
Recorded 1997
Genre Lyrical verse
Length 0:44
Label B5 Records
Producer(s) John Taylor
Dan Chase
John Taylor

"Ode To Richard Prince" is a John Taylor lyrical verse, released on the Autodidact EP by B5 Records in 1997.

About the lyrical verse[]

John Taylor performed the lyrical verse and also produced the track with Dan Chase. The recording was mixed by Hein Hoven, who would later produce many solo songs by Taylor including "Gabe" and "Nagel Baby" released on the Techno For Two album.


So I went to see my doctor the other day, I said "Doc, I think my wife's dead."
He said "Well, why do you think that?" 
I said "Well, the sex is the same, but the dishes are piling up."
Thank you.

I got home from work early one day last week.
I went into the bedroom and my wife's in bed with my best friend.
I said "Steve! I have to sleep with her, but you?!" . . . 
Yeah, My wife's so ugly, even the tide wouldn't take her out.
Thank you