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Not A Pretty Sight
album by Skin n' Bones
Released 1990
Recorded 1990
Genre Rock
Length 12 tracks
Label Victor
Producer Andy Taylor
Andy Taylor related

Not A Pretty Sight is the debut album by American rock band Skin n' Bones, produced by Andy Taylor and released by Victor in 1990.

About the album[]

The album is by Skin n' Bones, who were an up and coming band in the early 1990s. Andy Taylor produced the album and also created a remixed of "Nail It Down".

The style of music is hard rock, with a a touch of stadium rock and glam in the mix. Taylor's influence over the sound is clear to hear with the album mixed sharp and clear. There are direct comparisons to the style of Taylor's Dangerous album and to the other band he was recording with at the time, The Almighty.

Track listing[]


  1. "Nail It Down"
  2. "Ressurection Love"
  3. "Cover Me With Roses"
  4. "Hey Stupid"
  5. "Nymphomania"
  6. "Kiss This"
  7. "All The Girls In The World"
  8. "Let Her Go"
  9. "Out With The Boys"
  10. "My World"
  11. "Nail It Down" (Andy Taylor remix)
  12. "U Drive Me Crazy"


Skin n' Bones are:

  • Johnny Vamp - Vocals
  • Steve Mach - Bass
  • Jimi K. Bones - Guitar
  • Gregg Gerson - Drums