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Nip/Tuck: Naomi Gaines
episodes information
Directed by Craig Zisk
Starring Dylan Walsh
Julian McMahon
Broadcast date 3 August 2004
Genre drama
Length 41 minutes
Original music by James S. Levine
Producer Michael M. Robin
Greer Shephard
Editing by Bryon Smith
featuring music by Duran Duran

Nip/Tuck: Naomi Gaines is episode 7 from season 2 of the American drama TV series Nip/Tuck, directed by Craig Zisk and first aired on 3 August 2004 in the USA. The episode features "Skin Trade" by Duran Duran.

About the episode[]

The episode is from the American TV drama series created by Ryan Murphy, which is set at the McNamara/Troy plastic surgery practice, and follows the professional and personal lives of its owners Dr. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon). The first four seasons of the show were set in Miami, but the characters relocated to Los Angeles for the fifth to seventh seasons.

The plot of the episode involves dissatisfied ex-liposuction-patient Bobbi Broderick scaring others away even right in the doctors's waiting room, demanding a public admission on TV, or she'll sue them. Life coach Ava Moore 'professionally motivates' Matt between the sheets, to the anger of her own, allegedly jealous, also 16-year old son Adrian, who she regrets not to have aborted. Sean and Julia are not amused when Matt sets off the brand new alarm, sneaking in at night after 'studying together with Adrian' they didn't even know existed.


  • Dylan Walsh - Dr. Sean McNamara
  • Julian McMahon - Dr. Christian Troy
  • John Hensley - Matt McNamara
  • Roma Maffia - Dr. Liz Cruz
  • Joely Richardson - Julia McNamara
  • Famke Janssen - Ava Moore
  • Leslie Bibb - Naomi Gaines
  • Seth Gabel - Adrian Moore
  • Mary Page Keller - Andrea Hall
  • Barbara Tarbuck - Mrs. Declan
  • Jill Clayburgh - Bobbi Broderick
  • Linda Klein - Nurse Linda