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Night Train
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song by Andy Taylor
Released 1987
Recorded 1986-1987
Genre Rock
Length 4:40 minutes
Label MCA Records
Writer(s) Andy Taylor, Steve Jones
Producer(s) Andy Taylor
Steve Jones
Andy Taylor

"Night Train" is a song by Andy Taylor, released on his debut studio album Thunder by MCA Records in 1987.

About the song[]

Written and produced by Sex Pistol's guitarist Steve Jones and Andy Taylor, the song was recorded at The Plant in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

This is an up-tempo rock song that showcases Andy Taylor's vocal ranges. There is a live version released by the DD Fan Club on the unofficial Thunder in Tokyo DVD.

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Yesterday is far behind me

Let's forget the things we said

Now I'm waiting at the station

With different feelings in my head

And I pray she never hates me

Will she remember me this way

I'm comin' home on the night train

I'm comin' to your bed

I'm comin' home on the night train

I'll do everything I said

The train is waiting at the station

I've still got time to change my mind

An endless moment's indecision

I take it or leave it all behind

And I pray she doesn't hate me

Will she remember me this way

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