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More Joy (feat. CHAI)
More Joy Cover.jpg
Single by Duran Duran
Released 5 August 2021
Format Download
Genre Pop
Length 3:39 minutes
Label iTunes Store
Writer Duran Duran
Producer Duran Duran
Duran Duran

"More Joy" (feat. CHAI) is an official Duran Duran single, released via online download, 5th August 2021. ℗ 2021 Tape Modern under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

About The Song[]

More Joy is an upbeat dance song, track #11 on Duran Duran's 15th studio album Future Past, released as a digital download 5th August 2021

The song was produced by Erol Alkan, Kaz Haga and Mathieu Kranich, and contains backing vocals by rock band Chai. Chai are a Japanese rock band from Nagoya, consisting of four women — Mana, Kana, Yuuki and Yuna. Having formed in 2012, the band released their debut studio album Pink in 2017.

The song ‘More Joy’ was born out of a crazy jam with Duran Duran, Graham Coxon and [producer] Erol Alkan,” keyboardist Nick Rhodes said in a statement. “It was such an unusual piece we weren’t quite sure if it would fit in at first. It reminded me of one of those retro Japanese video games, which I always found quite uplifting. We came up with the chant ‘more joy’ early on, and that became the key to the rest of the track.”

Frontman Simon Le Bon had the idea to enlist CHAI for the collaboration. “Nick suggested some girlish voices on ‘More Joy’ and I knew exactly where to find them — CHAI, post- modern, all-girl Japanese punk band, whose energy and pure sense of fun might actually blow your ears off,” Le Bon said. “We are honored to have them sprinkle their pink neon magic spikey dust onto our song.”

Nick added, “We all agreed that it would sound really great with Japanese female voices on it, and that’s when Simon had the inspired idea to ask CHAI if they would possibly collaborate with us. To our joy they agreed, and the result most certainly brought an incredible new energy to the song. They are so special!”

Simon: "CHAI recorded in Tokyo and I had this live link for the whole recording to give direction. What they’ve added is a sizzling youthfulness that us geezers who have been in Duran Duran for forty odd years need a bit more of."

Music Video[]

Duran Duran released a music video for their song “More Joy!” on 12th August 2021. It was directed and lead animated by Melissa Ladybug; an artist and singer of "You Wanna Play With Us" (2020). She commented on Instagram: "I made that video. They seemed ok with the erotic dragon, the creepy clowns, and the love story between a disco ball drone and a nightjar school girl. So that’s how I ended up directing & animating a music video for Duran Duran." (Source), (Instagram).

Characters drawn by Jess Weiss - a renowned New York artist (Website). Band illustrator was Amanda Meader, better known as Mandy, from Vadnais Heights, Minnesota. She is currently a student at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, studying Entertainment Design and Animation. (Instagram), (Website).

Chart positions[]

Chart Peak
UK i-Tunes Download Chart 36
Italy i-Tunes Downoad Chart 48
Australian i-Tunes Download Chart 58

Personnel and Credits[]

Duran Duran are:

  • Vocals: Simon Le Bon
  • Keyboards: Nick Rhodes
  • Bass: John Taylor
  • Drums: Roger Taylor


  • Guitar: Graham Coxon
  • Synthesizer: Erol Alkan
  • Background Vocals: CHAI
  • Programmer: Joshua Blair

Also credited:

  • Producer: Erol Alkan
  • Producer: Kaz Haga
  • Producer: Mathieu Kranich
  • Production Assistant: Benji Compston
  • Production Assistant: Hannie Knox
  • Sound Engineer: Joshua Blair
  • Sound Engineer: Mark Stent
  • Sound Engineer: John Webber
  • Sound Engineer: Takashi Akaku
  • Sound Engineer: Ritchie Kennedy
  • Sound Engineer: Tom Herbert
  • Sound Engineer: Ed Farrell
  • Mixing Assistant: Matt Wolach

Video Credits:

  • Director/Animator: Melissa Ladybug
  • Producer: Bill Fishman
  • Character Illustrator: Jess Weiss
  • Band Illustrator: Mandy Meader
  • Background Artists: Xen Art, Luca Finelli
  • Other Illustrators: Ashrafia Adib, Melissa Ladybug
  • Colorist: Natalie Logan
  • Storyboard Artists: Yoni Limor, Jess Weiss
  • Animation Producer: Melissa Masquelier
  • Production Assistant: Masora Fukuda
  • Special Thanks: Wendy Laister, Angela Barkan


Shudder in dream, 
The crying storm
Lightning strikes a kiss, 
Between this world and yours

Whisper unseen, 
Mystery train
Delirious scream like a nightjar's broke refrain

Rorschach clowns
A smudge in the grey
Frantic we swim in a TV power game

I know where this is going (more joy)
I'm looking at you
I like where it's going (more joy)
Are you coming too?

I know where this is going (more joy)
I'm looking at you
I like where it's going (more joy)
Are you coming too?

Woah oh oh oh
ah-ah ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!

(More joy
More joy
More joy
More joy
More joy)

Misheard Lyrics[]

Shuddering Dream

Delirious scream like a night just broke refrain

Rush at clowns

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