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Monthly Power Picks: 1996 9-10
MONTHLY POWER PICKS 1996-9-10 duran duran
compilation album
Country Japan Japan flag
Catalogue no. C2331
Label Toshiba-EMI
Format CD
Length 14 tracks
Released 1996
Genre Pop, Rock
Producer various
reverse cover
MONTHLY POWERPICKS 1996-9-10 duran duran 1
featuring The Power Station

Monthly Power Picks: 1996 9-10 is a promotional-only compilation album featuring The Power Station, released in Japan by Toshiba-EMI during 1996.

About the album[]

This is a sampler album featuring songs by various artists. The compilation includes "She Can Rock It", the only single released from The Power Station's Living In Fear album. The album front cover also features a picture of The Power Station, taken by British photographer Simon Fowler.

Also included is singer Louise, who later interviewed members of Duran Duran on the Something for the Weekend show in 2010.

Track listing[]


  1. "In To Deep" - Belinda Carlisle
  2. "She Can Rock It" - The Power Station
  3. "Se A Vida (That's The Way Life Is)" - Pet Shop Boys
  4. "Freedom" (Radio Edit) - Robbie Williams
  5. "Out of the Void" - Grass Show
  6. "Forever Funky" - Kaya
  7. "Stripper Vicar" - Mansun
  8. "Torn" - Trine Rein
  9. "Just Can't Get Enough" - Sadie
  10. "Undivided Love" (Single Version) - Louise
  11. "Around The World" - Ann Bell Fell
  12. "If You Want To Give Me More" - Octopus
  13. "Atomic Dog (Dogs of the World Unite)" - George Clinton feat. Cocol
  14. "Love Scene" - Eric Martin