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Money And The Magic
album by Gerry Laffy
Released 1990
Recorded 1990
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 10 tracks
Label Die Laughing
Producer Gerry Laffy
featuring John Taylor

Money And The Magic is an album by Gerry Laffy, released by Die Laughing in 1990. The album features John Taylor.

About the album[]

Money And The Magic is the debut solo album by Gerry Laffy, who wrote and produced all the tracks. The song "Shoot 'Em Down" features in the Highlander II movie soundtrack, a film directed by Russell Mulcahy.

The album features John Taylor performing bass alongside Stray Cat's Slim Jim Phantom, which was made on a very low budget with Laffy creating the artwork, producing and releasing the album on his own indie label Die Laughing.

Track listing[]


  1. "Money And The Magic"
  2. "Secret Mission"
  3. "Believe It"
  4. "Mr. Man"
  5. "Search & Destroy"
  6. "Shoot 'Em Down"
  7. "Love You"
  8. "Mandy"
  9. "Psycho"
  10. "Can't Leave You"