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All you need is noW
compilation DVD
Released 2009
Recorded various
Genre Pop
Length 15 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer Duran Duran
"Electric Barbarella" (Big Red Mix)
Duran Duran

Mixology is an unofficial Duran Duran compilation DVD, produced in 2009.

About the DVD[]

The DVD is a collection of Duran Duran recordings, which includes the "Electric Barbarella" (Big Red Mix) ceated by Rusty Garner. The compilation also features "Is There Something I Should Know? from the Kenny Everett TV Show (series 2, programme 4) broadcast in the UK on 17 March 1983, which was two days before the single was released.

The final track is VH-1 Mixology, a 3:28 minute recording that is made up of clips from Duran Duran music videos played with songs including "The Wild Boys", "Notorious" and "Girls on Film".

Track listing[]

  1. "Girls on Film" (with lyrics)
  2. "Hungry Like The Wolf" (with lyrics)
  3. "Is There Something I Should Know?" (with lyrics)
  4. "Planet Earth" (with lyrics)
  5. "Rio" (with lyrics)
  6. "Do You Believe In Shame?"
  7. "Electric Barbarella" (Big Red Mix)
  8. "Femme Fatale"
  9. "Perfect Day"
  10. "Too Much Information" (Remix)
  11. "Too Much Information"
  12. "Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over)"
  13. "White Lines"
  14. "Is There Something I Should Know?" (Kenny Everett TV Show 1983)
  15. VH-1 Mixology