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Mixing In Action
Mixing in action duran duran 1
mixed compilation album
Country Italy Italy-Flag 0
Catalogue no. 7243 8 28308 2 5
Label EMI Italiana S.p.A.
Format CD
Length 13 song mix
Released 1993
Genre Pop, House, Dance
Producer various
reverse cover
Mixing in action duran duran 2
featuring Duran Duran

Mixing In Action is a mixed compilation album featuring Duran Duran, released in Italy by EMI Italiana S.p.A. during 1993.

About the album[]

This is a mixed compilation album in the same style of Mixtime (also released in Italy by EMI Italiana S.p.A.) and features tracks by various artists. The compilation includes Duran Duran's "Too Much Information", a song about commercialisation of the music industry and features live drums played by Steve Ferrone.

Also included is Billy Idol, an artist who performed with Neurotic Outsiders at the Hollywood's Burning show in 1995.

Track listing[]

7243 8 28308 2 5[]

  1. "Living On My Own" - Freddie Mercury
  2. "Delusa" - Vasco Rossi
  3. "Go West" - Pet Shop Boys
  4. "Life" - Haddaway
  5. "All That She Wants" - Ace Of Base
  6. "Down That Road" - Shara Nelson
  7. "I Don't Wanna Fight" - Tina Turner
  8. "Mr. Vain" - Culture Beat
  9. "Can We Get Enough?" - B.G. The Prince Of Rap
  10. "Too Much Information" - Duran Duran
  11. "Delicate" - Terence Trent D'Arby
  12. "Rubberband Girl" - Kate Bush
  13. "Shock To The System" - Billy Idol