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Miami Vice: Whatever Works
episode information
Directed by John Nicolella
Written by Anthony Yerovich
Maurice Hurley
First aired 4 October 1985
Starring Don Johnson
Philip Michael Thomas
featuring The Power Station

Miami Vice: Whatever Works is episode 2 from season 2 of the television series Miami Vice, directed by John Nicolella and first aired on NBC on 4 October 1985.

The episode features a live performance of "Get It On (Bang a Gong)" by The Power Station.

About the episode[]

Whatever Works starts with the atmospheric, voodoo-like, ritualistic killing of a police officer. This causes tensions to run high and Castillo is as calmly detached as always. The episode is well-paced, with Crockett showing his casualness towards the female of the species, caring only for his beloved Ferrari which has been repossessed by the local authorities to balance the books.

Duran Duran's bass player John Taylor appears as himself in a bar scene as a friend of Crockett, then moments later performs with the Power Station playing "Get It On (Bang a Gong)" featuring vocalist Michael Des Barres.

The episode also stars Eartha Kitt, who plays the mysterious Priestess Chata.


  • Don Johnson - Detective James Crockett
  • Philip Michael Thomas - Detective Ricado Tubbs
  • Saundra Santiago - Detective Gina Calabrese
  • Michael Talbott - Detective Stan Switek
  • John Diehl - Detective Larry Zito
  • Olivia Brown - Detective Trudy Joplin
  • Edward James Olmos - Lieutenant Martin Castillo
  • Eartha Kitt - Priestess Chata
  • Hector Mercado - Davilla (as Hector Jaime Mercado)
  • Bruce MacVittie - Officer Blakeney
  • Jose Angel Santana - Morandez (as Jose Santana)
  • Robert Trebor - Maxwell Dierks
  • Martin Ferrero - Izzy Moreno
  • John Taylor - J. T.
  • Michael Des Barres - Power Station vocalist
  • Antoni Corone - Solen
  • Sonia Zomina - Old Woman
  • Richard Marquez - Orfil Rivera
  • Jeff Moldovan - Corrupt Cop
  • Frank Rossi - Tony


The Power Station are: