John Taylor Metafour
compilation album
Released 2002
Recorded 2002
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 17 tracks
Label Trust The Process
Producer Patty Palazzo
John Taylor

MetaFour is a John Taylor compilation album, released by Trust The Process in 2002.

About the album Edit

The album is John Taylor's final solo release completed after the Duran Duran reunion was under way.

MetaFour is divided into five sections, with the first containing instrumental music created for the 1992 film Mi Vida Loca. The second is the instrumental for the 1993 film Blue Flame. The third consists of previously unreleased live performances from various points in Taylor's early solo career, while the fourth contains a handful of acoustic performances and demos. The last section is a 17-minute question and answer session Taylor took part in at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood in 1998.

Track listingEdit

Score John Taylor did for Allison Anders' 1992 film, Mi Vida LocaEdit
  1. "Mi Vida Loca"
  2. "Mi Vida Loca" (track 2)
  3. "Mi Vida Loca" (track 3)
  4. "Mi Vida Loca" (track 4)
  5. "Mi Vida Loca" (track 5)
  6. "Mi Vida Loca" (track 6)
  7. "Mi Vida Loca" (track 7)
  8. "Mi Vida Loca" (track 8)
Score John Taylor did for the 1993 film Blue FlameEdit
  1. "Blue Flame"
Live performances at Santa Monica's 217 Lounge (1997) and Musician's Institute in Hollywood (1998)Edit
  1. "2:03"
  2. "Always Wrong"
  3. "Look Homeward Angel"
  4. "Losing You"
Acoustic section, live and demosEdit
  1. "The Panhandler"
  2. "Lucy Lucy"
  3. "Sidewalk Medley" - ["Neither Here Nor There" ("Air Miles"), "Julie Geisha", "Mansman", "Zeitgeist" ("Spirit of the Times"), "Hollow Victory"]
Q&A at the Musician's Institute in 1998Edit
  1. John Taylor Q&A


Also credited:

  • Produced by Patty Palazzo with many thanks to Matt Cooper.
  • Art and design by Patty Palazzo
  • Photography by Cynthia Brabaker, Joodi Kooperman, Cindy Croft and Susan Waterman