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Mellowtoy VVR1027182 duran duran
album by Mellowtoy
Released 2004
Recorded 2004
Genre Nu Metal
Length 11 tracks
Label V2/Bagana
Producer Mellowtoy
"Save A Prayer"
cover song

Mellowtoy is the debut album by Italian nu metal band Mellowtoy, released by V2/Bagana in 2004. The album features a cover version of Duran Duran's "Save A Prayer".

About the album[]

The album was released in Italy by a band based in Milan, who began in 2002 as a live act. The band then signed their first record contract two years later, with the Italian independent label Bagana Records.

The CD was distributed in Italy by V2/Sony and features "Save A Prayer", a cover song released as the first single from the album. The accompanying video was played on the many of Italy's top music channels.

Track listing[]


  1. Intro (0:57)
  2. "Enough?" (4:10)
  3. "Few Words" (4:12)
  4. "Save A Prayer" (3:58)
  5. "Cut Down" (3:58)
  6. "Even Alone" (3:59)
  7. "Loser" (4:19)
  8. "Porno" (2:45)
  9. "Ever" (3:38)
  10. "N.I.D." (3:34)
  11. "2 Minutes" (11:46)


Mellowtoy are:

  • Emi - Vocals
  • Matt - Vocals
  • Titta - Guitar
  • Fred - Guitar
  • Diego - Bass
  • Jacopo - Drums