Medazzaland duran
song by Duran Duran
Released 14 October 1997
Recorded 1995-97
Genre Pop
Length 3:53 minutes
Label Capitol, EMI, Virgin
Writer(s) Rhodes, Le Bon, Cuccurullo
Associate Producer Simon Le Bon
Producer TV Mania
Duran Duran

"Medazzaland" is a song by Duran Duran, released as the title track to the album Medazzaland by Capitol-EMI-Virgin on the 14 October 1997.

About the song Edit

Written by Duran Duran, the song was produced by TV Mania.

This is the first Duran Duran track to feature Nick Rhodes on vocals, but he doesn't sing. The recording has an abstract experimental sound containing whirling/bleeping noises, with muffled drums and includes Nick Rhodes showing his love of poetry by speaking the lyrics.

The song also features vocal contributions by Mayko Cuccurullo, Warren's adopted son.

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Lyrics Edit

oh, Medazzaland
I had a problem they said they can solve
Soon I won't speak
I have no words left in me
I dream in pictures but the sound is muted
I have no way to understand what they say
Into Medazzaland
People are starting to talk
But I don't hear them anymore
Now I can't see
But I'm still able to think
Do I have any feeling left?
What are they saying about me?
Do they really understand what's wrong?
I feel their hands on my skin
The time has come for them to begin
I'm sinking deeper and deeper
Into Medazzaland
I can feel the scalpel on my skin
It's cutting in deeper and deeper
I'm in Medazzaland
Oh Medazzaland

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