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Mastermix: Issue 101
Mastermix issue 101 duran duran music factory
compilation album
Released January 1995
Recorded various
Genre Electronic, Hip Hop, Rock, House
Length 9 tracks
Label Music Factory
Producer various
featuring Duran Duran

Mastermix: Issue 101 - January 1995 is a 9-track compilation album featuring Duran Duran, released by Music Factory in 1995.

About the album[]

The album is a DJ product only containing a collection of recordings created by various producers and could only be purchased by registered DJs. Mastermix: Issue 101 - January 1995 was released by Music Factory, a DJ service that has been making music for over 20 years.

The compilation includes a 13:34 minute Duran Duran mix created by Les Hemstock, a producer, actor, DJ and writer who is the winner of many highly prestigious International Music and Film awards.

Track listing[]

MFMM CD 101[]

  1. Eurohits 94 Vol 3 (14:48) mixed by Bob Snoeijer & Mark Basten
  2. Auld Lang Syne (0:36) Accapella
  3. Another Nite...Another Day (8:57) mixed by Johnny Silk
  4. Motown Beat (5:49) mixed by The Detroit Spinner
  5. Scotland The Rave (2:25) mixed by Paul Janes
  6. Club Culture '94 (12:07) mixed by Dave Hall
  7. Madhouse (5:15) mixed by Amadeus Mozart
  8. Slamm Jamm '94 (Part 2) (9:50) mixed by Comadash
  9. Duran Duran The Mix! (13:34) mixed by Les Hemstock