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Mark Tinley
Background information
Born 18 March 1963, UK
Occupation Musician, programmer, sound engineer
Years active 1980s-2005
Associated acts Duran Duran
Gary Numan
Glen Gregory
Musician / Record Producer

Mark Tinley (born March 18 1963) is a British guitarist, programmer, sound engineer and record producer who has worked with Adamski, Duran Duran, Gary Numan, Glenn Gregory, and others.


In 1982, Mark formed the band Peeping Toms with Shaun Morris, and left several months later when they found a bass player; the band has continued to play, in various configurations, for over two decades. He was inspired by industrial band SPK to begin working on solo projects involving the layering of sounds on a high-end tape recorder, while playing in numerous other bands on the side. He played a John Peel session in 1984 as part of the band Dormannu, continued forming and reforming bands, worked in and founded various nightclubs, and acquired numerous synthesizers and other acoustic toys along the way.[1]

Just before Christmas of 1988 his band Garden Of Eden struggled to number 93 in the UK Singles Chart, having sold 30,000 records.

He then formed Diskord Datkord with his brother Adam Tinley (better known as Adamski) and Jonny Slut of Specimen, which signed with SOHO Records and released one single. Tinley then worked for Adamski, first as a programmer, then as a sound engineer while touring Europe and the United States to promote the single "Killer".[1]

In 1993 Tinley was introduced to Duran Duran by Rob Ferguson , hired as a keyboard programmer, and soon became an integral part of their songwriting and production team, working intimately with keyboardist Nick Rhodes. "[Rhodes will] say 'I like this sound, but can you make it like this?' So when we first started he went through all the sounds on all the keyboards and decided what sounds worked for various songs, then asked me to modify those that weren't quite right. And sometimes he'll just describe a sound and I'll sit down and make it for him." Their workhorse keyboard is the Kurzweil K2000, along with numerous other technological gadgets. [2]

Tinley helped to set up the home studio which came to be known as 'Privacy' in the living room of guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, which is where the band recorded their 1993 smash The Wedding Album. He also toured with the band, helping to prepare and maintain the complex synthesizer set-ups used by Rhodes during live shows.[3]

Tinley continued working on Duran Duran's subsequent albums Thank You (1995), Medazzaland (1997), Pop Trash (2000), and Astronaut (2004). He also worked on Welcome To The Monkey House by The Dandy Warhols with Rhodes, and created the TV Mania project with Rhodes and Cuccurullo.

In 2005 Tinley took a career break to bring up his son, and as of 2007 he is living in Hartford, Huntingdon and building custom motorcycles to order.


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