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John Taylor Techno For Two
song by John Taylor
Released 11 April 2001
Recorded 2001
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 4:16
Label Cutting Edge Records / Avex Trax
Producer Hein Hoven
John Taylor

"Mansman" is a John Taylor song, released on the Techno For Two album on 11 April 2001.

About the song[]

Written by John Taylor, the song was produced by Hein Hoven. "Mansman" is a rock song featuring London guitarist Gerry Laffy, who has also worked on other John Taylor projects including performing live with him during The Baby Steps Tour in 1998.

The album MetaFour includes a demo version of this song called "Julie Geisha".

Other appearances[]



You're a good looking man
You're a good looking man
You rise with the sun
You're good with a gun

You turned me around
You turned me around
You're good in bed
You're the king of the band

Hey lucky
You'vea good looking hand
Hey now
Go to the head of the class
Hey 'rotic
You've got a heart of glass
Hey man
You're always in disgrace

I fit with you
I like the things that you do
A brother for you
And you'd be one for me too

You fixed me up
Gave me back to the pack
With the promise of peace
Some kind of release

Hey now
You're a good looking man
Hey lucky
You've a good looking hand
You've a heart like a moon

In your room with a view
There's never room for two