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Manhattan Center Studios
Background information
Location Manhattan Center building
Address 311 West 34th Street, Midtown
Country USA
Building constructed 1906
Building owners Unification Church
Associated acts Duran Duran

Manhattan Center Studios is located at the Manhattan Center building in New York (USA), which was built in 1906 and is on 311 West 34th Street in Midtown Manhattan. There are two recording studios in the building which is also one of New York City's most renowned performance venues featuring the "Grand Ballroom" and the "Hammerstein Ballroom". In 1976 the building was purchased by its current owner, the Unification Church for $3,000,000.

Duran Duran[]

In early October 2006, vocalist Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran announced that the band had recorded three songs with famed hip hop producer Timbaland, record producer Floyd Nathaniel Hills and engineer Jimmy Douglass at Manhatten Center Studios during the previous month in September. Other tracks for the album were recorded in London (UK) and Manchester (UK).


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