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Lunch Wagon
Lunch wagon duran duran
background information
Directed by Ernest Pintoff
Starring Pamela Jean Bryant
Rosanne Katon
Candy Moore
Released 1981
Genre Sex comedy
Written by Marshall Harvey
Leon Phillips
Original music by Richard Band
Producer Mark Borde
Excutive Producer Seymour Borde
featuring Warren Cuccurullo

Lunch Wagon (also known as Lunch Wagon Girls) is a 1981 sex comedy film starring Pamela Jean Bryant, Rosanne Katon, and Candy Moore. Directed by Ernest Pintoff, the film also features an acting appearance by Warren Cuccurullo.

About the film[]

The film is about three women who start a lunch wagon business, but run into resistance from their competitor Mr. Schmeckler (Rick Podell) when their business starts interfering with Schmeckler's illegal activities. While Schmeckler busies himself trying to sabotage their wagon, the women are busy falling in love with construction workers and rock stars. Meanwhile, two bumbling diamond thieves create complications for both sides.

Lunch Wagon is notable for being the first major exposure for the band Missing Persons, credited as 'Teddy and Rough Riders', with their songs "Mental Hopscotch" and "I Like Boys" featuring prominently on the soundtrack.


  • Pamela Jean Bryant - Marcy
  • Rosanne Katon - Shannon
  • Candy Moore - Diedre
  • Rick Podell - Al Schmeckler
  • James Van Patten - Biff
  • Chuck McCann - The Turtle
  • Rose Marie - Mrs. Schmeckler
  • Michael Tucci - Arnie
  • Louisa Moritz - Sunshine
  • Vic Dunlop - Ralph
  • Anthony Charnota - Herman
  • George Memmoli - Andy
  • Michael Mislove - Danny Death
  • Nels Van Patten - Scotty
  • Maurice Sneed - Ben
  • Gary Levy - Larry
  • Biff Manard - Wino
  • Peggy Mannix - Bertha
  • John Thompson - Jake
  • Dale Bozzio - Teddy
  • Peter Marc Jacobson - Jed
  • Steve Tannen - Harry
  • Bobby Sandler - Chick
  • Odis McKinney - Ray
  • Debrah Kelly - Hardhat
  • Terry Bozzio - Terry
  • Warren Cuccurullo - Warren
  • Missing Persons - Teddy and Rough Riders
  • Dick Van Patten - Bernie Simmons
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