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Lucy Lucy
John Taylor Retreat Into Art
song by John Taylor
Released 2001
Recorded 2001
Genre Pop
Length 1 track
Label Trust The Process
Producer John Taylor
John Taylor

"Lucy Lucy" is a John Taylor song, released by Trust The Process in 2001.

About the song[]

Written by John Taylor, the song was released on the Retreat Into Art album available through Taylor's own Trust The Process website.

This is a mid-tempo pop song which features guitar, drums and clear vocals, with production contributions from Patty Palazzo.

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Lucy Lucy
I know you're rooting for me
You've always been there for me
Lucy Lucy

Lucy Lucy
You're one hard drug to stay off of
One day I think it's the end then I'm gone again
Oh I think it's the end and I'm gone, gone, gone, gone
Then I can't stay away from your door

Lucy Lucy
We've always connected
That's why I jump into bed with you, Lucy

Lucy Lucy
I'm that dog on the corner
What's it you're doing tonight
When I want you here
Oh what's so important to stay at home this magic night
Oh what's so important to leave me without my rights

Lucy Lucy
It's not for nothing I call you
The fill of philosophy from you, Lucy
Lucy Lucy
You're like a rose in my garden
One day I think it's the end then

I'm gone again