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Love Kills
Love kills duran duran le bon
Background information
Released 1998
Director Mario Van Peebles
Director of photography George Mooradian
Editor Edward Abroms
Producer Mario Van Peebles and Mark Buntzman
Executive producer Andrew Sugerman
Production designer Brooke Wheeler
Screenwriter Mario Van Peebles
Song composer Simon Le Bon
Film score music Nick Wood
Length 94 minutes
featuring music by Simon Le Bon

Love Kills is a suspense thriller film starring Lesley Ann Warren, Mario Van Peebles and Daniel Baldwin, released by SYN Productions in 1998. The film features music by Simon Le Bon.

About the film[]

Mario Van Peebles, one of the hardest working men in Hollywood directs and stars as Poe Finklestein, a smooth-talking con man determined to get his hands on the ample assets of Evelyn Weiss (Lesley Ann Warren), a recently widowed trophy wife. However, he soon learns that he's at the back of a long line of relatives and assorted human barnacles, all with their eyes on Weiss' legacy. Greed, lust, and betrayal froth to a deadly boil in a home where everyone's a suspect and no one is innocent.

The film features the song "Dreamboy", written and performed by Simon Le Bon.


  • Mario Van Peebles – Poe Finklestein
  • Lesley Ann Warren – Evelyn Heiss
  • Donovan Leitch – Dominique
  • Loretta Devine – Sylvia Finkelstein
  • Louise Fletcher – Alena Heiss
  • Daniel Baldwin – Danny Tucker
  • Robert LaSardo – Diesel
  • Alexis Arquette – James
  • Sen Dog – Derrick
  • Lucy Liu – Kashi
  • Susan Ruttan – Lela
  • Melvin Van Peebles – Abel
  • Mark Buntzman – The Accountant
  • Michael Winters – The Lawyer
  • Philip Moon – The Rookie Cop
  • Vincent Schiavelli – Emmet
  • Margaret Avery – Moon
  • Steve Moore – Stephen
  • James Pax – Rookie Cop #2
  • Sattya Sukhu – Male Servant
  • Chittra Sukhu – Lawyer #2
  • Fatlip – Rapper
  • Kailani Bayot – Kashi's Friend
  • Maria Marx – Woman in the Desert