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Love: February 2011
Love magazine duran duran
Published February 2011
Genre Fashion & Fame magazine
Editor Katie Grand
Producer Love
featuring Duran Duran

Love: February 2011 is a UK fashion and fame magazine, which features a 12-page Duran Duran related article that includes an interview with Nick Rhodes and John Taylor.

About the magazine[]

Featuring a cover photo of model Lea T, the magazine includes photos of Freja Beha Erichsen, Kristen, James Smith, Andrej, Stella Tennant, Kristina in 'Life As Theatre'. There are also models Caroline and Barbara Palvin in 'Lipgloss & Cigarettes' photographed by Alasdair McLellan.

The Duran Duran article is a story that begins with New Romanticism on a Birmingham street. It describes how band members would visit cities for the first time, and it was the shops they wanted to see first. New York - Fiorucci, Tokyo - Issey and Yohji. By the time they were performing their first greatest hits set Stephen Sprouse was doing their artwork.

Nick descibed the summer of 1981. "It was the first time we went to New York as a band. When the plane was coming down, we saw the skyline and the adrenaline was pumping on a level that I don't remember experiencing since. We played the Ritz, which is now called the Webster Hall on Friday and Saturday nights. We had to play Long Island first and we were just shouting can we go to New York now? The band stayed at the Holiday Inn in order to save up money and stay at a better hotel in New York, which was the Moritz right on the corner of Cenral Park." Nick said that their PR girl in New York, Doreen D'Agostino asked "What do you want to do while you're here?" He said he made this incredibly flippant remark "I want to go to the top of the Empire State Building and meet Andy Warhol." The next day it happened.

The interview mentioned several artists including Keith Haring. Nick said "Simon and I did a thing for MTV when we were doing Arcadia. There was a huge white set throughout the whole programme which he painted onto." Nick talked about the Tony Viramontes artwork for So Red the Rose, adding "There was a girl in Paris I knew called Violette, famous for modelling for Thierry Mugler and Tony painted her for the cover."

When asked "Did you read Andy Taylor's book?, John Taylor said "Yes. Move on." They were then asked, do we not talk about this? John answered "It was absolutely scurrilous. And such a waste. We were all so disappointed with it. He took the title Wild Boy, which of course someone was going to do eventually because it's such a fabulous title, but ruined it. The cover was horrible."[1] Nick added "I haven't read Andy's book, it kind of depressed me. There was one thing from the book which I read from a serialisation in a newspaper about his memories of Live Aid. He said how claustrophic and awful it was and I remember it was absolutely amazing."